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Outdoor Fun



Climbing with Instructors

Our Guy teaches you how to climb safely

 Top Choice


Experienced Climbers

We've got exciting places to climb

 It's a blast!


Biking & Picnicing

Dozens of Wonderful Trails

 Family Friendly Areas


Activity Pricing

The River

White Water Rafting
  White knuckle riding, fast rapids


White Water Rafting
 For those that want a milder adventure


Canoeing & Kayaking
 We drop you off upriver.


Canoe &; Kayak Rental
  We rent all types of equipment

8 a day

The Mountain

Rock Climbing Wall
 We're there to help


3 Day Guided Aventure
  Vigorous Climbing & Hiking

60 per person per day

Up to the Summit
  We're with you all the way


Bicycling & Hiking Trails
  You choose your distance


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Tonya Smith


Rita James


Bryan Gunn



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