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What if my computer crashes, can I get another copy of the template?

We will send you another copy within the first 30 days of purchase. After the 30 days, if the design is still on our website for sale, we will send you one additional copy. If it is not shown in our catalog, we no longer have the template in our files and will not be able to replace it. We highly recommend that you make a backup copy on a floppy disk or CD.

What is a "Soft Return" or "Break" and how do I do it?

Sometimes you want your text to go to the next line, but when you hit the "enter" key, it goes to far...

like this:

If you don't want that much space, all you do is hold down your "shift" key and hit your "enter" key. The line goes directly under, just like a wrapped text.
Like this: See, easy as can be!

This process adds a <br /> tag in your code, so you don't have to go into code view to put it there. Quick & easy!

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