2021 Halloween Tombstones & Props - They're here!

2021 Yard

2021 Newest Tombstones

Hi All,

I'm pretty excited about my new builds! They're finished! I'm still working on Bat Masterson and I haven't started the grim reaper.

The 2021 tombstones:


Claire Voyant

Claire Voyant looks pretty good! The little "table" you see is the space for her crystal ball. The crystal ball is a DYI snow globe that I filled with angel hair and purple lights. There is a space under the table where the battery pack for the lights will sit. There is a hole in the table for the light string to go through.

Dunn Gondahel

Dunn Gondahel is one of my favorite tombstones that I've ever created. He's done! Come on, Halloween!!!

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Stella Live

I found 2 tombstones that had a bride and groom. They looked pretty cheesy, so I cut out the heads and glued them on a new tombstone.

Ricky D. Bones

They both have monster mudded flowers around the cameo. They're done!

Bat Masterson: Gunslinger, sheriff, journalist

Bat Masterson Tombstone: First Look

Here is the first look at Bat Masterson. Carport consruction hampered my ability to finish Bat or the Grim Reaper. Those will be 2022 additions!


Want to fax your Halloween tombstone plans or just need to fax something to a business? Faxtopia is what I always use! Need a genealogy web template? Go here to look at my designs: Genealogy Web Templates.



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