2021 Halloween Tombstones & Props - They're on the way!

2020 Halloween

2020 Yard shown above

Hi All,

I'm pretty excited about my new builds! They aren't near finished, but I thought you might like to see what is coming!

 The 2021 tombstones:

Claire Voyant

Claire Voyant looks pretty ugly right now! I just finished monster mudding her hair and neckline lace. The little "table" you see is the space for her crystal ball. The crystal ball is a DYI snow globe that I filled with angel hair and purple lights. The dark rectangle you see under the table is where the battery pack for the lights will sit. There is a hole in the table for the light string to go through. The larger image looks better... see it here.

Dunn Gondahel

Dunn Gondahel is one of my favorite tombstones that I've ever created. Above the opening will be a large skull & crossbones with two smaller skulls. The background inside the opening is chicken wire with Great Stuff and painted with red, orange & black spray paints. See more

Stella Live

I found 2 tombstones that had a bride and groom. They looked pretty cheesy, so I cut out the heads and glued them on a new tombstone.

Ricky D. Bones

 They both have monster mudded flowers around the cameo.

I'll post pictures as my construction continues.

There will be two additional yard additions: Bat Masterson tombstone and The Grim Reaper 6 foot monster mudded statue. It's still not hot enough to do anything with monster mud, so it may be a couple of weeks before I can finish Claire, Stella and Ricky and later on this summer for the Grim Reaper.

This Year's Skeletons will be a campfire with the skeletons roasting rats.

Hope you like what I've done so far!


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