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Path Markers

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Path Markers

Pumpkin Fence

Path Markers

Pumpkin Fence

Path Markers

These were made exactly the same with these exceptions: The Pumpkin Fence topper is only 7 inches tall, since I wanted it to match the height of the skulls. The skull PVC pipe was painted black, only because I used the plain painted PVC last year.

Path Marker

Measure and cut the PVC to 30 inches. Cut the bottom at a 45° angle, so it can be more easily hammered into the ground.

Path Marker

Cut the pool noodle to 24 inches. I thought it would be cool to have a curvy post. Don't do it. Get the round pool noodle. I used round pool noodles for the pumpkin posts.


Path Marker

Cut the top piece for the pool noodle to 12 inches for the skull post. My skull was hollow, so I shoved the pool noodle inside of it.

I cut the top piece for the pumpkin post to 7 inches.

Path Marker

Leave 3-4 inches at the top of the pvc for the top piece to slide on.

Now is the time to cover all of the pool noodle with duct tape. Make sure you remove the skull in order to cover the top portion with tape.


Cover the pool noodle with black duct tape. I went from top to bottom, overlapping each piece. Then I cut two pieces and wrapped the top and the bottom, so it would secure the tape.

Tie a knot centered on a piece of rope that is approximately 24-32 inches in length and shred the rope up to the knot. You can make the rope as long as you would like. I used 4 pieces for the skull post and 3 pieces for the pumpkin post.

For the pumpkin post, hot glue the pumpkin to the short, duct taped covered post. Then cut a piece of multi-colored duct tape about 7 inches long (it needs to be able to wrap around the post and overlap slightly in the back. Split the duct tape in half (long-ways), so you have 2 pieces of duct tape 7 inches long. Lay three pieces of the knotted rope on one piece of the duct tape, leaving about 2-3 inches hanging over the top of the tape. Mash it down. Note that all of it will not be stuck to the bottom piece of duct tape. Then take the other piece of duct tape and place it over the top. This secures the shredded rope. Cut off the knot.

For the SKULL -  Since my skulls were hollow and had a large opening at the base, I shoved the duct tape covered pool noodle into the skull. Then I shoved the knots up the opening of the skull. If I redo them, I will attach the rope as I did with the pumpkin.

For the PUMPKIN - Crease the patterened duct tape down the middle, the length of the tape. This allows you to more easily attach it, as it gives the rope some flexibility. Hot glue all down the backside of the tape, getting some of the hot glue on the edges, so it adds some additional attachment to the rope. Carefully wrap the tape around the top of the top section, directly underneath the pumpkin, allowing the rope to bend around the pumpkin. (See picture) I needed band-aids for my burnt fingers here! Please be careful.

Path Marker  Path Marker  Path Marker


Take off the "heads" and using a rubber mallet, hammer the bottom posts into the ground. If you are using lighting, you can thread the light string at the top of the PVC. Put on the "heads" and you're finished. They are easily dismantled for next year.

If there was something that wasn't clear, please let me know.


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