2018 Halloween Tombstones & Props

Hi All,

Besides playing with code on websites, I love designing and creating Halloween tombstones & props! Below are are my latest tombstones and props for Halloween 2018. I was inspired by some great artists on Pinterest. There are some really creative people on the site!

Had a ball! Our Tiki torch flame looked great in the evening and added to the spooky graveyard feel. The skeletons were perfect. All we need now is the fog and our LCD ghosts!

2018 yard


 The 2018 concepts:

Halloween 2018 Halloween 2018 Halloween 2018 Halloween 2018 Halloween 2018

I like drawing them out on paper so I can see what they'll look like full size, but if I don't like something when I begin the embellishments, I'll change it (See Bonnie Parker). Clyde's Red Hat didn't work when I cut it out either. I ended up buying 4 different hats for Clyde until I found one I liked. It came from a costume made for a dog! My husband asked me to do two tombstones for him this year: Grin N. Barrett and Justin Turd. I didn't get those drawn out. I found a sitting skeleton at Michael's and thought he'd be a hoot sitting on a toilet.

From Start to Finish

2018 Tombstones 2018 Finished tombstones

I took pictures of some of the tombstones throughout the build. I'll get those up shortly.

Below are the finished 2018 Tombstones! Click on the images for a larger view. If the name is hyperlinked, it will take you to a page that has additional information on that stone.

Bonnie Parker

2018 Bonnie

Clyde Barrow

2018 Clyde

Justin Turd

2018 Justin

Doug & Robyn Graves

2018 Graves

Hy Pocondriac

2018 Hypo

Grin N. Barrett

2018 Grin

Rusty & Pearly Gates

2018 Gates

Anita Moore Tishan

2018 Tishan

The Bone Yard - For LCD Projector

2018 Boneyard

The Bone Yard - Inside


2018 Boneyard

See the "Build" for Anita Moore Tishan HERE!

Random Fun Stuff...
2018 Halloween Tiki Torch

Tiki Torch

This Halloween Tiki Torch will be at the entrance to our "cemetery" along with a matching one on the other side of the walk. I plan to light it Halloween night.

It was easy... I just purchased a tiki torch, got a skull (that I cut a hole in the top and bottom so it would slip up the pole), got a couple of bones from a "bag of bones," added some shredded rope and some artificial ivy. To "bulk-up" the pole, I got a pool noodle and covered it with black duct tape. I tried painting it, but that was a "hot mess," so I just taped it! Took all of an hour to put together, with the exception of shredding the rope. That took a little while.

2018 Halloween Mailbox


I had seen the mailbox in Pinterest with the small human skeletons on it, but I couldn't find small skeletons that were less than $8 each that were poseable. Soooo, I did the next best thing!

I found rats and mice on sale last year after the season and bought 2 boxes of 6 mice and 2 rats. They worked perfectly and had the look I wanted.

I have a few left over mice that I'll sit on a jack-o-lantern as Halloween gets closer.

Skeleton Path Markers - Directions HERE


Pumpkin Fence Posts - Directions HERE


Floral Arrangement - Before & After Shots

What can I say; gotta love Goodwill and Dollar Tree. I needed a table decoration and found a perfectly ugly pair of flower arrangements. Although the color of the vase looks different, it is just the lighting.



2018 Yard Haunt

skeletons  skeletons

For our "Open Graveyard" gathering, we are going to add another shovel to Barry M. Deep, so our guests can have a photo op!


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